Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friday Eve!

For some reason, I really like Thursdays. Making it through the work week to Thursday brings a kind of satisfaction that few other things at my job does. By Thursday afternoon, it's truly all downhill. I know that I can make it through Friday and then sail on into the weekend!

Today, I experienced what I like to think of as 'nature's botox', known to everyone else as sub-zero temperatures. My face literally froze in place as I walked to the bus stop and then later when my friend Rhonda and I ventured out to lunch. I like cold weather, but this is too much. I'm hoping we really do get those balmy 40-degree days they are predicting for this weekend!

The Casa has been quiet for the past couple of days. Tim got a new laptop and we've entered the wireless world around here. I'm still trying to get his laptop to recognize our printer that's hooked up to my pc, but I can't figure the stupid thing out. I guess I'll work on that some more this weekend. Tim has been helping Kai's Cub Scout pack to get ready for the Pinewood Derby race tomorrow night, which will be the highlight of the week. Last year, Kai got a trophy for 'Most Likely To Burn Rubber', but maybe this year, he'll place. I'll be there with my camera, snapping away like a madwoman.

So, that's about all that's going on around here. Keep warm, everyone!

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Carol said...

I wish I can post a photo here...I got one of Adam and his derby car from years ago. John helped him with it. Aren't they so stinkin' sweet! I wish almost daily that Adam was still small!