Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life Keeps Happening...

Today was kind of a big day here at the casa. Kai, my sweet, wonderful, beautiful little boy, began taking meds for ADD. We didn't come to the decision easily or quickly. I don't think any parent wants to put their child on any kind of long term medication.

We've been taking Kai to see a child psychologist since November. She diagnosed him with ADD-inattentive, which means he's not hyper, just has a hard time concentrating. She also diagnosed him with a mild case of anxiety. We were hopeful that we could help him to learn the skills to cope and concentrate in school through counseling and behavior modification. I finally realized that these practices weren't working when last week, during homework time, he became frustrated and began sobbing that he wished he had never been born and that he hated himself. As a mom, to hear my own 7-year old say that, broke my heart. Tim and I talked and we decided to try medication. We figured that the worst that could happen would be that it wouldn't work, and we wouldn't be any worse off than we were now.

Since my mom gets him ready for breakfast, she had the pleasure of administering the dose. Kai was afraid to swallow the pill, which is actually very small. He tried to stuff it into a piece of sausage, but of course, that didn't work. So, mom hid it in a mini marshmallow, which he has no problem swallowing for some reason. He did it! He took the pill.

Once I knew that he had taken it, I wondered all day; how did he feel? Was he alright? Sleepy? Moody? Which dwarf was he? Tim picked him up early from school for an appointment with the psychologist, and I called him late in the afternoon. "Well", I asked, "how is he?" Tim said that he seemed to actually be pretty calm, which was surprising. We were told that we probably wouldn't see the affects of the drugs for about 3 or 4 days. When I got home from work, I still had my same sweet, goofy boy, just a bit more mellow. We have already noticed a decrease in appetite. I made tacos for dinner, and Kai ate only a half of one taco. He said he was fine, just not very hungry.

So now we see how tomorrow goes. He'll be in school all day, so his teacher will have a chance to observe him and see if she notices any changes. I'm really very hopeful that the medication will help get him back on track.

Other than better living through chemistry, not much else is happening. Tomorrow Tim turns 40. He doesn't want a party, no big to do. We'll just celebrate quietly as a family. And watch the season premier of LOST!

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