Saturday, February 23, 2008

Awesomely Bad Food, Pt. 2

Oh boy. OK, according to our good friend, The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook from 1953, sometimes the harried housewife needs to make a hot, satisfying meal in 30 minutes. Sometimes, it wasn't enough that Suzy Homemaker made breakfast for the family, packed their lunches and cleaned the damned house all day. God forbid Suzy take a little time for herself to go play bridge with the girls or maybe just get the happy hour started a little early with a martini while little Jack and Mary Sue were off at scouts and dance class. Maybe sometimes...oh, sorry. OK. Suzy was really super busy sometimes, you know? Even more busy than she usually was taking care of that pack of ingrates. And on days like that, Suzy might have fed them this-

Yep. That's a 'Roast Crown Dinner'. Do you want to know what makes it such a cinch to make on those really busy days you and I have? The roast crown is made of Spam. That'll teach 'em to mess with Suzy.

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Lurker Girl said...

SPAM--ugh I shudder at the mention of it. My Dad was a West Virgina hillbilly and he you would have you think that SPAM was God's gift.

SPAM is just nasty on SO many levels. Blech.