Monday, February 4, 2008

Cabin Fever (and other airborne viruses)

Well, the plague is alive and thriving here at the casa. Tim is a feverish, hacking, wheezing mess, and Kai is not far behind him. Tim said he actually feels a little bit better today, as he doesn't feel like he's been dragged down I-70 by a semi anymore. Kai, though, is right in the midst of it. He had a fever of 101.7 on Friday, so he missed school. He was a little croupy over the weekend, but we had the fever licked. Or so I thought.

Kai was kind enough to wake me at 4AM this morning. "Mom, is it time for you to get up?" Well no, it wasn't, but I staggered out of bed and took a good look at the boy. Poor kid. His cheeks were flushed pink and when I placed my hand on his forehead, I could have probably cooked an egg on his head. I took his temp and he was a balmy 102. Yay, no school! That was too much excitement for him apparently, because he promptly barfed all over me. Sigh.

Needless to say, I got ready for work in record time and hauled ass out of this house of a thousand corpses. I love my family dearly, but today was one of those days when work was a safe haven away from home.

The weather here was beautiful today, which is a sure sign that it's going to crap out any minute. It was close to 70 today, and sunny. It was, dare I say it, spring-like. When I was walking home from the bus stop, the neighborhood was all a twitter with people enjoying the weather. It's not pitch black night by 5:30 PM anymore, so kids were out on their driveways shooting hoops, couples were out walking their dogs, and husbands were out roaming around their property looking for signs of damage from the winter storms. It was like everyone was out soaking up as much nice weather as we all could, because the weather forecast for tomorrow calls for falling temps and snow.

Once inside the Casa, life ceased to exist. My mom is getting sick too, I think, because she didn't even open any of the blinds around the house today. Our parakeet, Re-Pete (Pete I died right before Christmas), sat numbly in his cage in the darkened living room. Thankfully, I came home just in time to throw off his internal clock by switching on a light in there!

And that's all that's going on around here today. Tim is doing some volunteer work for the Obama campaign; he's calling folks and reminding them to get out and vote in the primaries tomorrow. So, while I'm thinking about it- get out and vote!

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