Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Flip Flop of Love!

A flip-flop book, that is. I made this a while back, and think I'm going to make a few more. I made the crumpled paper flowers, and did some co-ordinating stitching with this little mini sewing machine that I have (which I despise!).

Opened up-

More of the inside-

All the materials were Close To My Heart, but I've got some gorgeous Anna Griffin paper that's calling my name!


Carol said...

Welcome back...we 'crafties' missed you! You are so awesome, I don't know how you thought you were going to give it up! Good thing you came to your senses!

Lurker Girl said...

Oh that is so cute!! I have to admit that I have also lost my desire to "craft". I did manage to get Christmas Cards mostly made--but had to fill in with store bought. I got a little more inspired when I went back to my Stampin' Up club last month and we meet again on the 5th--so I need to get inspired some more. I have so much stuff and I just don't use it. It's like a money pit staring at me everytime I walk past the totes and trays. UGH.