Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Food Fantasies

So, I'm trying really hard on this diet thing. I'm not even thinking of it as a 'diet'. I'm just thinking of it as eating healthier. Yesterday morning I saw that my BMI was higher than my IQ and it scared me. I've decided that if I make healthier choices, that will go a long way towards helping me to lose weight. Along with portion control of all those healthy choices and exercise, too.

Today was a good day. Until lunchtime. From out of nowhere, the perfect meal popped into my mind and it's been entrenched there ever since. I want a burger. But not just any old burger, no sir. I want a nice, big, meaty burger, preferably angus beef, grilled to medium well, with just a hint of pink in the center. It should be lavishly adorned with two strips of peppercorn bacon, and some creamy, tangy bleu cheese, then stacked with SHREDDED lettuce and some carmelized red onions. Finally, it should be served on a perfectly grilled kaiser roll, buttered and toasted and smeared on the bottom half of the bun ONLY with Helman's mayonaise (NOT miracle whip). This delectable masterpiece should be served with beer-battered onion rings with mustard to dip them in. And a Coke with crushed ice. Heaven!

The problem with a food fantasy, much like a sex fantasy I would imagine, is that reality can never truly compare with the fantasy. My fantasy meal is a perfect, unblemished product of my imagination. The reality would be grossly disappointing. Either the bun would be soggy from too much lettuce, or the burger to bun ratio would be off (where's the beef?!), the onion rings would suck, etc. About the best I'll ever be able to do is the coke with crushed ice.

And so, with this bit of bovine bliss dancing in my head, I had to go to the grocery store tonight. Despite an overwhelming urge to hold the butcher hostage so he could grind up a couple of filet mingons into burger for me, I managed to fill my cart with healthy, good for me and my family foods. This is why dieting, sorry, eating healthy, is so difficult for me. I LOVE FOOD! I love to eat, and I love good, simple food. I want to like vegetables, I really do, but I just can't make myself go there. I bought some cans of green beans, that will have to count. But I did look at the fresh brussells sprouts and the recipe that my boss was telling me about ran through my head.

Seems she takes fresh sprouts, lightly steams them and then cuts them in half. She then sautees them in olive oil and garlic, or if she's feeling really crazy, she fries up some bacon and then tosses the sprouts in the bacon grease. I really think I could try to eat this. To be honest, I've only had brussells sprouts once, and they were the frozen ones and they were cooked to death. They tasted horrible. But maybe fresh would be better? Hmm...

*OK, I just went to Red Robin's website and built the fantasy burger. Yeah, that meal has like 1500 calories and God knows how many grams of fat. But, at least I know where *maybe* I can get it if I ever want to live out my fantasy!

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