Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ok, so as part of the bunch of 'big losers' at work, I've been trying very hard to make healthier food choices, be more active, etc. Pioneer Woman's Cooking Blog doesn't exactly make things easier, but I still hold firm to my believe that a healthy lifestyle is about everything in moderation. All this being said, how, this past week did I lose almost a pound, but gain nearly 2 inches? Bloat? Hmm...maybe. I'm drinking lots of water, but I did have a couple of sodium heavy meals. I need to walk more, but with the exception of this past weekend, it's been too damned cold to walk outside. Oh well, I'll just stay on the wagon and see where it takes me.

It's hard to believe that Daylight Savings Time is coming up upon us. As much as I like it staying light out later, I miss my hour of sleep! And it will be next to impossible to get Kai to go to bed when the sun has just barely set. Why can't they leave the damned clocks alone?! (wow, I sounded just like my mom there) And stay off my lawn, rotten kids!

March is turning out to be a very busy month. St. Patrick's day (for which I can't get the day off, but gee, I'm not bitter [/sarcasm]), Easter, the first of spring. I'm going to try to get Kai in with Tim's dad to get his pictures taken. The school ones this year were less than pleasant, shall we say.

I was sad to hear the news today about Patrick Swayze having pancreatic cancer. What a terrible way to have to go, and he's much too young to die. I pray that he responds to treatment.

Not much else going on around here. I need to make up the shopping list for tomorrow night's dreaded trip to the grocery store. I'm going to make Pioneer Woman's apple dumplings and I need to stock up on large quantities of butter!

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Lurker Girl said... dumplings.....Hey--I tried PW's Lasagna. AWESOMENESS!!!! The sausage really gives it a little something special!