Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dooney & Bourke, Look Out!

Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself with that title, but I'm awfully pleased with how my first bag turned out.

This morning, we did the Easter thing and gave Kai his basket of goodies. Tim's mom brought over a basket for him too, and we did the egg hunt in the house because there were snow flurries outside. Stupid weather.

After I took my afternoon nap, I got to work on my purse. I had a few tension issues with the sewing machine, but once I got that straightened out, I was on a roll. And this is the result-

This bag was made using some of the fabric that Tim found at the estate sale. I used hot pink for the lining-


Carol said...

TOO STINKIN' CUTE! You go girl...look out Kate Spade!

Lurker Girl said...

Very Cute Bag!!