Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random and Rambling

I don't have any one coherent idea to write about tonight, so I'll just jot down some of the stuff rattling around in my head.

My mom said something to Tim today about not being here this summer? Where will she be, exactly? Is she moving out? Going on the grand tour of Europe? It would be nice if she would tell me if she's moving. Maybe she's trying to surprise me, but that's not a very nice surprise. I know that she's not happy living here at the Casa and if she's unhappy then of course I don't want her to stay. But if she's planning on moving, that would be a nice little piece of information to share with me, don't you think?

We've recently been talking about sending Kai to Holy Cross school next year. We're not parishioners, so the sight of the tuition made me say 'Holy CRAP!' I'm not sure how I feel about things spiritually. I believe in God, or the concept of a higher power at least, but I'm not sure if I want Kai's education to be centered around organized religion, when right now, it's just not a big part of our lives. We were looking at private school mainly to get Kai into a smaller class, and away from some of the constant irritations that he keeps having to deal with at his current school. We've been wanting Kai to experience a variety of religious and spiritual practices (Catholicism, Buddhism (not really a religion, per se, more of life philosphy), Judaism, Hindu, Greek Orthodox, etc) and then decide for himself what his beliefs are when he gets older. I don't want to force one set of beliefs on him and say 'this is what we believe, don't question it, just do it'. More thoughts for another day, I suppose.

This past weekend at the store, I picked up a package of panko breadcrumbs. Wow, they are great! I made some sauteed chicken breasts last night, and I dredged them in the breadcrumbs before throwing them in the pan. The panko crumbs are very crunchy and light. Deeelishh!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to share lasagna at lunch with Rhonda, and discuss momma drama type events. And, it's Hump Day, which means I may have to make a coffee run!


Lurker Girl said...

Hey there--Kai will get an EXCELLET education in a private school setting. I woulnd;t worry about religion getting slammed down his throat. I went to private Catholic school from k-12 and while religion is a required part of the day--it's not "all about Jesus" 24-7. And when we got into the older grades, we did study about other religions and beliefs (thus my mother losing her mind when I really got into Christian Science and wanted to go to the Reading Room all the time--but that we my early teens, I may have done it more just to piss her off).

The smaller classes and personalized attention are second to none--but keep in mind that they don't have to offer as many "specialized" things for Kai that public schools do by law.

OH--I just went on my lunch and I bought the stuff for Pioneer Woman's Lasagna--Sounds to die for!!

Kelley said...

I talked with a couple of co-workers today who basically said the same thing about private school. So, I'm all good with it, but this afternoon, Kai saw the brochures and info packet from Holy Cross. Tim asked him if maybe he would like to think about going to school there and Kai said to 'cancel that thought'. He likes his school, he's decided, so now I'm thinking, 'do I want to push him in to something that he really may not like?' I don't want to give him too much say so in the matter, but at the same time, I would feel guilty about taking him from all of his friends and stuff. So I don't know. More to ponder.

PW's lasagna should be illegal! All of her recipes are awesome! Let me know what you think of the lasagna!