Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Well, it's Saturday night and the weekend is zooming by, just like they always do. Why is it that we work so hard for five days, just trying to make it to these two?

Kai went to his first sleepover last night at his friend, A.J.'s house. I've never seen him so excited for everything. A.J.'s mom, Carrie, is a super-mom. Seriously. She has six kids and attempts feats that I could never do. I knew Kai was in the safest of hands when I sent him off with A.J's family, and they had a great time. They went for pizza, on a Wal-Mart run and then played Wii games and watched a movie. My kind of evening! Tim and I celebrated our time alone with Taco Bell and me fixing his laptop (again!) because he got download happy (again!) and I had to restore everything.

After Kai came home, Tim ran some errands and then we dashed up to the store real quick. I had to get a few things and with the impending snow storm, I figured it wouldn't hurt to stock up a bit. And besides, I needed to get the ingredients to make lasagna. I made Pioneer Woman's Lasagna and it turned out great! Take a look-

I goofed when I was layering the ingredients and put the mozzarella cheese on top of the meat sauce, when it should have been under it. But that's ok, it was just extra cheesy on top. And who doesn't like cheese?

I managed to control myself and just eat a small piece, along with a salad. Kai, whom I think is coming down with something, ate just a few bites. Tim liked it though, and so did my mom. But I've still got plenty of leftovers, so feel free to stop by!

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