Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stuff (and a bag to put it in!)

So we've decided to renew our lease on our house, because we love this neighborhood (despite the carjacking 6 blocks away last night) and Kai loves his school (now that the bullies have either moved or knocked their crap off). When we first moved here, we signed a 4 year lease and last year we renewed it for another year. At that time, I discussed signing another long-term lease with our landlady, and she said she would be open to it.

This past weekend, I talked with her about signing another 4-year lease. This would allow us to stay here until Kai is done with grade school and we could move the summer before he starts junior high. Well the landlady told me that she would have to raise the rent an additional $100 per month. I don't really mind because we've been at the same rate for five years, and I understand that taxes have gone up, yadda, yadda, yadda. I told her I would talk it over with Tim and let her know.

Monday morning as I was speed-walking to the bus stop (not a 'being healthy' thing, more of a being late as hell thing), she pulls up beside me and asks if I've talked with Tim. I told her that yes, we would love to sign another 4 year lease. At which point she tells me, 'I think legally I can only do 2 years'. WTF?! What was that 4-year thing we signed the first time around? Does that mean for 2 years it was invalid? Does that mean she owes me a refund of 2 years rent? I think I know what she's trying to do. She wants to sell it and probably sell her house too, and retire. I don't blame her really, I would probably feel the same way, but when people try to hose me around, it pisses me off. Especially when I told her specifically that we wanted to do a 4 year lease and the main reason why. I'll sign your lease, crazy heifer, but you'd better fix some crap around here. Some insulation in the walls in the family room would be nice, for starters.

Anyway, I finished another bag. This one I don't like very well. It's too damned little! I put my ipod and phone next to it, because those two things are about all I could fit in there. I love this fabric though, and have a ton of it. I'll probably make a clutch-style bag out of it next.

Don't you just love the fancy photo studio I've made out of my printer on the corner of my desk? Someday, I'll take real pictures! This picture was a challenge tonight; I had to keep switching my batteries back and forth from the camera to my wireless mouse.

I'm now working on a quilted tote bag that I think is going to look really great when I'm done. I sat down tonight to sew on it, and discovered that I've run out of thread! It's no regular color, either, like black or white, so I'll have to have Tim go to the fabric store tomorrow to get me two spools of the thread. Surely he can manage that. Yeah, you're right, I'd better go get it!

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