Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump Day

Well here I am halfway through my stay-cation and I haven't accomplished much. Which is fine with me! I'm a firm believer that a vacation spent at home should be about relaxing and doing as little as possible.

I tell myself that because I have yet to tackle Kai's bedroom of horrors. Once I got the boys out of the house yesterday, and my mom left for work, I plopped down in front of the TV while giving myself a pedicure. I watched 'The Fly' on TV. I forgot how attractive Jeff Goldblum was in that film. Well, before he morphed into a fly anyway.

Tonight is Beth's visitation, which I will be going to. There will be people there that I haven't seen in ages, including her parents and probably some people from high school. It struck me earlier that I'm getting to the age where you only see people at funerals. I think though, that Beth would have been very happy to know that everyone gathered to say goodbye to her. And it makes me realize once again, that we need to tell the people that matter to us how much we love them. Life is fleeting; it goes by way too fast. So don't count the days; make every day count! And don't be afraid to tell someone you love and care about them.

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