Friday, June 6, 2008

A 'New' Concept- The Stay-cation!

With gas prices climbing along with the cost of everything else, people are choosing this summer to go on a 'stay-cation'; staying close to home instead of traveling across this big 'ol country of ours. I remember this when I was a kid; it was called 'summer vacation'.

Growing up, my mom didn't have extra money for us to be jetting or driving around all over the place. I spent summers outside, playing on the front porch of either my grandmother or great grandmother's house. There were other kids all up and down the street doing the same thing, and our days consisted of hula-hoop contests, Barbie fashion shows and riding our bikes down to the far end of the street. I drove my mom nuts most weeknights, begging to stay up to watch the 'racy' episodes of Benny Hill on channel 41.

As a teenager, summer days seemed to both whiz and crawl by as I laid out in the back yard to work on my tan and talked endlessly on the phone with my best friend about whatever boy I was obsessed with that summer. The highlight of the summer was a trip to Worlds of Fun and riding every ride out there. Before she scored a car, one of my best friends and I would spend hours walking around the neighborhood, hoping to catch a glimpse of the objects of our affection. Once we had wheels, we were up at City Park every night we possibly could be, sneaking bottles of wine coolers in the car with us.

Writing all of this, I can't help but feel sentimental for those times,and I can't imagine my son or any kids I know for that matter, being content with a summer at home. Now more than ever, we've become a nation on the go, unable to slow the pace down. At almost 8 years old, my son is too 'sophisticated' to run around the backyard trying to catch lightning bugs in an old mayonaise jar. He practically scoffs at the idea of playing any game that isn't handheld, on the TV or on the computer. But I'll keep working on him!

Since we are for sure having a stay-cation this year, here are some of the activities I have in mind-

Cookouts, cookouts, cookouts

Going over to Pa-pa's to swim

Sitting on the back porch at night, listening to the sizzle of the bug zapper

Going to the library and to the dollar shows at the movies (although I think they're way more than a dollar now!)

Talking Tim into trips to Dairy Queen for dipped ice-cream cones or Dilly Bars

Let me know what your plans are for your summer staycation!


Lurker Girl said...

Totally "Staycationing" here as well.

I have to ask--since we are of the same age bracket--did you prefer White Mountain or California Coolers?

White Mountain had too much pulp for my liking--haha! And no good flavors. We called coolers "Cheerleader Beer" because that is all us gals would drink--no regular skanky beer would do.

Cedar Point was the thrill of our summer--and if you got to go more than once, you were problably rich.

Kelley said...

California Coolers all the way! Until my good friends Bartles and James came along! I don't even recall which flavor I drank. Hell you drink enough of them and they'll all taste alike.

Like Cedarpoint (which I would LOVE to go to, btw), if you went to Worlds of Fun (or WOF) more than one time in the summer, you were 'rich'. Don't even get me started on the kids that had season passes! Hell, if you still go more than once per summer, you're 'rich'- I think a single day pass is up to around $45.

Lurker Girl said...

You all come up and stay with us and we'll take you to Cedar Point!!! You are welcome any time--it's the best place!

Oh yeah--B&J still rocks Wild Berry was the poison of choice--but I'm loving my Smirnoff Raspberry Ice right now--tee hee