Monday, June 2, 2008

Things I Will Never Want

Quite often, I make lists of things that I wish I could have or things that I love. This time though, I thought I would give a quick run down of the things that I will never want, covet, desire or drool over-

Anything that spins and has color-changing fiber optic lights.

Peanut brittle

'Designer imposter' perfume


bungee cords

magnetic jewelery

any kind of odd 'food saver' bags

lawn ornaments

anything glow in the dark (give those to Kai, he'll love it!)


I like to think of myself as a relatively simple girl, who enjoys the simple things in life. I would never think of telling someone that I hated something that they gave as a gift to me, but any of the above would pretty much set my teeth on edge (and I've received them all!!)

I'd love to hear what some of your least favorite things are!


Anonymous said...

Appliances! Girl they make our lives easier! Some things I never want would be:
more children
a green bean farm
an addiction to porn &
to be friendless and live in the past! This is Carol by the way!

Lurkergirl said...

I would never want one of those concrete ducks that people insist on dressing and putting on thier porches

I would not want raging diarreha (sp)

Ticks or fleas

I would want Brad Pitt in my bed every night--but the thought of having to duke it out with Santa Angelina sares me a little

Kelley said...

St.Angelina, patron saint of 3rd World Children, is scary! I might take her on for Brad, though!

I should have clarified that I don't want 'As seen on TV!!'-type appliances. Anything with Ronco in the name is a no-no!

I will confess right now to occasionally wanting one of those concrete ducks! I think it's because Quackers wouldn't let us dress him up. I saw a concrete duck with a hula skirt and a bikini top with fake boobies and it was cute! Clearly I need help!