Monday, July 21, 2008

Awesomely Bad Food- Pt. 4 (or so)

Tonight's ABF entry comes to us from the fine folks at Better Homes and Gardens. This particular photo is in the BH&G Barbecue Book, published in 1956.

It looks like our friends in the BH&G prop department were going for some sort of theme here. There's lots of wicker, bamboo handled utensils and a bunch of other unrelated crap like chickens and apples, so don't ask me what the theme is. Let's take a look at the photo, then I'll try to identify the food (click on the photo to see it in it's full-sized glory)

Wow. Ok, all of these dishes come from a section on cooking in a foil packet. Yes, they did that back in the 1950's, too. Let's start at the top, up by the polka-dot chickens and go clockwise-
Chicken In The Garden (chicken, veggies and brown rice)
Dixie Dinner (ham with pineapple and sweet potato, with a pickled crabapple for garnish)
Baked Shoestring Potatoes (chock full of heart-healthy heavy cream and lots of cheese)
P'ok-chop Treat (pork chops cooked in acorn squash halves)
Chuck-Wagon Special(he-man fare, according to the book. Sirloin tips, browned potatoes and veggies)
Those red shiny things along the bottom are cinnamon apples. And look, there in the center? The first appetizer I ever made- carrot curls! I thought I was hot shit at age 8 when I was making those! The polka-dot chickens look like they're going to attack the carrot curls, don't they?

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