Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back To School? Seriously?!

Tonight we made the trip to the Walmarts to get light bulbs and toilet paper, and a bunch of other crap, when we decided to wander over to the 'back to school' aisle and check it out.

I can't believe that school starts in a month. It seems like Kai just got out of school. Anyway, we picked up some of the stuff on the list of school supplies. Ok, about school supplies...why do I buy all of this crap, but he doesn't use it? For example, on last year's list, we had to buy 12 (12!!!) glue sticks, AND a bottle of glue? This year, we have to buy not only crayons, but colored pencils, wide colored markers and thin colored markers. Here's something I found out about the school my son attends- stuff like markers and glue sticks and such get put into a community tub in the classroom so that all the kids get to use them. Now, I'm all about sharing, and if they had a supply drive to help out the kids who's families can't afford to get all of their supplies, I would donate for sure. But be upfront with me about it and don't just list a truckload of supplies on the supply list. And why am I buying dry erase markers? I had to buy them last year and they went to the teacher. My son never used them. Is the district so poor that we're having to buy the teacher's supplies, too?

Don't get me wrong, I know that our school districts have funding issues, and teachers are horribly underpaid and under-appreciated. My son attends a public school in one of the top three districts in our state, and we have to pay school fees of $80 for the year. This does not cover field trips, room parties, extra kleenex or anything like that. I called the district office last year and asked what exactly this fee was for. 'Oh, you know, paper and stuff', was the answer I got. Lord knows, my son brought home enough paper last year to re-assemble into a tree, but I get ticked that we have to pay for what should be free. I get mad that I work and pay taxes and vote for sales tax increases that are supposed to be earmarked for school funding, and I still have to pay for my son to go?

OK, I'm done venting. I get like this every July/August, when I realize that fee night is looming in the near future. Don't mind the crazy lady, people!

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Lurkergirl said...

Oh you are not crazy K. I dread "the list" and our fees went up this year too--not as high as yours, but still...

My personal favorite this year is THREE large boxes of Kleenex from each kid--um really? 75 boxes of Kleenex?????????? WTF???

I also HATE the amount of papers that come home with the kids--really? We did the work and I don't want to see every stinking thing brought home--but I guess the school would have to pay more for the recycle bins if they pitched it. UGH