Monday, July 28, 2008

I Think I Saw The New X-Files Movie

OK, so this past Friday, we had Kai(Seth from Superbad)'s best friend(McLovin) over to spend the night. McLovin' will be going to a different school next year, so we thought they should get together and hang. Much hilarity ensued.

Seth and McLovin spent most of Friday afternoon playing WiiFit and Guitar Hero. We made the plan to go to the drive in that night to see Space Chimps and X-Files. We stopped and got something to eat, and headed out.

My husband, being the anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive planner that he his, had everything we could possibly ever need packed in the car. I don't know why two adults and two 8-year olds need: 2 chairs, 2 coolers, 2 sleeping bags, a 20lb bag of ice and enough soda and kool-aid mix to throw all of us into a diabetic coma. But we had it all.

After selecting the perfect spot, it was time to unpack the wagon. We got Seth & McLovin to help us (sort of) lay the sleeping bags down so they could sit on them. This took some time to clarify, because they both wanted to lie IN their sleeping bags, despite the 90-degree temperatures. Then we unloaded the coolers, set up the chairs and we were ready to rock. Nope, not yet! The husband took the boys to the snack bar for some treats. They came back with what every 8-year old boy needs; giant Pixie Stix and 'Alien Glow Pops'. I was drafted to be the bartender and I whipped up some kool-aid for the kiddies and I FINALLY got to sit down.

Man, I was really looking forward to seeing the new X-Files Movie! I wish I could tell you more about it, but we had some interruptions. It was mostly along the lines of-
'It's really hot!'
'I want to sit in the car'
'Can I play the DS?'
'Would you two shut the car door?! The light keeps coming on!'
'I dropped my alien sucker in the gravel!!'
'OK, it's time for you two to be QUIET!!'
And so on. So I don't really know for sure what all went on in the new X-Files movie. I think Scully and Mulder did it. And he had a beard at first. Scully's hair is long now.

Once the movie was over, I volunteered to take the boys to the bathroom and told the husband that when we got back, I would help him load up the car. Whoopsie, we had to wait so long, by the time we got back, he had loaded up the car all by himself. Oh well. On to the next screen (no, none of the movies were on the same screen). We get parked for Space Chimps. There's lots of standing water and mud in the lot for this screen and I'm not unloading that crap in the car again, so we all agree to sit in the car. Thanks to the opressive heat and humidity, my sinuses are giving me all kinds of hell, so I take two Tylenol Sinus, and check out for about 90 minutes. I have no idea whatsoever what Space Chimps is about, other than it's about chimps in space. Sorry.

When I wake up, we're on the move again! The husband is determined to get his $20 admission worth of movie enjoyment. We head over to the next lot where they're showing 'Stepbrother' with Will Farrell, whom I can only tolerate in small doses. He takes the boys to the concession stand and bathroom again, and I watch the last couple of minutes of the Angelina Jolie flick 'Wanted'. What I saw was really violent and gory and combined with my Tylenol Sinus, made me though I was hallucinating.

The boys all came back and I told the husband that I 'Stepbrother' was rated R, and I didn't think we needed to keep Seth & McLovin' there, it was time to go home. The husband, however, told the boys, 'OK, lie down and go to sleep now!'. Gee, why didn't I think of that? Of course, they didn't go to sleep and I figured after about 20 minutes of 'Stepbrother' they had heard enough curse words and vulgar jokes for the evening. Besdies, it was 1 am and it was still hotter than Hades outside.

We finally pulled into our driveway about 1:45 am, and I hustled the boys off to bed. I was exhausted and slept til 11 the next morning. So, if anyone has seen the new X-Files movie, could you please let me know what it's about? Thank you!


scituate said...

Russians kidnap people and amputate their limbs and heads and transplant them onto other people. A pedophile priest has visions of kidnapped girls and help them find the bad guys. Mulder and Scully do it and then catch the bad guys.

Kelley said...

Sweeet! Thnanks, I guess I didn't miss as much as I thought, because I recall most of this!