Monday, July 7, 2008

The Loony Landlady

We've been renting the house we live in for going on 5 years now. Yes, I know that renting is throwing your money away, but when we first moved here, owning was not an option.

We just signed a two year renewal on our lease, and the landlady upped the rent by $100 per month. I'm not really complaining; to live here for this long without a rent increase was pretty sweet, and hey, she's gotta live, too.

I'm having issues though, with her approach to making any improvements to our home. She lives right next door to us, so she can see right away if something needs fixed, and in a couple of emergency situations that we've had, she's come through. On routine maintenance, though, it's harder to get anything done, and when it is done, her handyman (who's also her 'friend with benefits', but that's another story), leaves all of his crap all over the place for us to clean up.

Two weeks ago, he fixed some rotted out facia board on part of the roof that hung over the back patio. He started at 6 pm on a Sunday night, and pounded and sawed all the way to 10:30. He finished it up the next day, but in the meantime, left a box of scrap wood on the patio, a pile of rotted boards, some with nails sticking out, and a roll of roofing paper that the chipmunks are having fun playing house in. I have no problem cleaning up my own mess, but why should I be responsible for all of this? I'm going to call her this evening and find out when he's going to pick it up, and if she balks, I'm going to calmly (as I can anyway) tell her that I'm not picking up after him.

What would you do?

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All Adither said...

Sounds like you have a good plan.