Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Public Transportation Etiquette 101 (and a Loony Landlady update)

Ok, I've been riding the bus to work for many years now. It's mostly been out of necessity, but the fact that it's saving me money and is a little bit better for our wacked out environment are nice bonuses.

That being said, there are some rules for how to behave while riding the bus (or subway or other form of public transport). Here we go-

1. Don't discuss things of an extreme personal nature. Strangers sitting around you don't want to hear about your failing marriage, your overdrawn checking account, or the odd, puss-filled growth on your back. We can't obsess over our own problems if you're sitting there blabbing about yours. Bus convo should be brief and should stick to the weather and local sports. Examples: 'Hot enough for ya?' and 'How 'bout them Royals/Chiefs/whomever ?'

2. Know where in the hell you are going before you get on the bus. The driver does not have the psychic ability to know where you're trying to get to when you get on board. Consult a schedule and know how to get where you're going. You wouldn't just get in your car and drive around aimlessly until you found your destination, would you?

3. Have your bus pass or your fare ready when you get on, too. Other people are waiting to board, and don't want to stand there waiting for you to count out $1.75 in coins, or try to break a twenty. Hello, that's why they sell gum at the convience store. Go buy a pack so you'll have some change.

4. Please learn to sleep while sitting up. The bus is not your own personal sleeping car on the Orient Express. If you're lying down, you're taking up too many spaces, so sit up and shut up, already.

Ok, I think that covers the majority of issues.

On to Loony Landlady. Last night, Tim and I went out to clean up the patio. The pile of nail spiked wood is still there, as is all the other crap her boy-toy left. We also discovered that while he had taken down some wrought iron plant hangers I had out there, he didn't leave the screws, and he took down and left our bug zapper lying on it's side on the ground, and now it no longer works. After we fumed for a little bit, we went inside to eat dinner. Priorities, people. It's all about priorities. Anyway, after I was done licking my fingers (Rosedale BBQ, yay!), I called up Loony Landlady. I dialed her cell # and I could hear someone pick up and I could hear them breathing, but nobody answered. Ok.....so I tried dialing her home #. Again, I heard her (or someone) pick up the phone and I could hear her talking in the background, but when I said 'hello', all I got was dead air. Did I interrupt sexy times or something?

So, I suppose tonight I will just walk next door and ask if Stud-muffin is done working on the house, and if so, when will he be picking up his toys? I have to confess, I'm really irked about this. For what we pay in rent, I should be able to have reasonable expectations that the house will be properly maintained. But it doesn't look like that's happening right now.

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