Wednesday, July 2, 2008


In the past week and a half since my friend Beth passed, I've been thinking a lot about her. Probably more than I have in quite a while. It's a combination of sadness that someone I cared about left this world way too soon, and a bit of guilt on my part. I truly, honestly thought that she would get better, and I'm still wishing I had made it up to the hospital to see her, or called her more often. I wish I had made more of an effort to tell her how much she meant to me. I know that as advanced as her illness was, there wasn't anything that I or anyone else could have done to save her. But the helplessness of the situation is overwhelming at times.

A good majority of the thinking I've been doing about Beth has been about all the things we did together in our younger days. Our silliness and impulsiveness knew no bounds and we were game for anything. Here are some of my most favorite memories-

Calling in a pizza order for 20 pizzas to be delivered to a graduation party that Beth wasn't invited to. After we called the pizza order in, we then called the police on the 'rowdy' party down the street (it was about 10 blocks from us in all actuality).

Rolling up $2 in pennies and taking the rolls to the gas station so we could by gas to go cruising around (this was in '86 or so, when $2 actually bought you a decent amount of gas).

Anyone that knew Beth knew that she was insanely jealous when it came to her boyfriends. If she even thought that another girl was looking at Mr. Right Now, Beth was ready to rumble. Once when we were out driving around, she saw a guy she liked parked in front of a friend's house, with a girl sitting on the hood of his car, acting, according to Beth, 'all hot or something'. This demanded immediate action. We headed over to 7-11 and got a Big Gulp. We filled it half full of soda, and then added ketchup, mustard, pickle relish and the contents of the ashtray in Beth's car. We zoomed back to the scene of the crime, where we drove by slowly, and Beth leaned out of the car and dumped our concoction all over Miss Hot. To say she was surprised is an understatement. I have to say, Beth had pretty good aim to be able to dump that cup and drive. It's not right, I know that, but it is what it is. I don't think her or I ever laughed so hard.

There are tons more crazy things we did. We never thought twice about calling in sick to our jobs so that we could go out to Lake Perry for the day or some other adventure. We chased boys with wild abandon, and could never figure out what we were doing with some of the losers we hooked up with.

We had our issues, our friendship wasn't perfect. But wow, we had fun! I'm glad I have these warped, twisted memories of our friendship, and I'll cherish them forever.

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