Saturday, August 16, 2008

Greed or Lust- One of The Seven Deadly Sins

First, a random thought. Just as there are seven deadly sins, there are also seven dwarfs. Coincidence? I think not.

Earlier the husband and I were sitting around daydreaming about what we'd do if we won the powerball. Being as this is my current retirement plan, I think about it a lot. The husband has plans for a huge house/compound with underground roads and a subterranean shooting range or something. I just want, well, stuff. I want stuff that I have no need for, will probably never wear or use. Doesn't matter, I want it. It's probably a good thing that chances are likely that I'll never win the powerball. I'd blow through that money pretty quickly and end up being one of those people you see on a TLC special about how the lottery ruined their lives.

In the mean time though, a girl can dream. Here's some of the useless and semi-useless crap I would buy-

Christian Louboutin shoes. I'm not a red carpet kind of gal, so I'd probably traipse around the Casa in them, wearing them with sweat pants or jeans. But damn, I would look hot!

Yendi by Capucci perfume. I wore it in high school. It smells rich, but isn't expensive. It's actually something I could afford now, I wouldn't have to wait for my ship to roll in!

'Odin' flatware by Dansk. I have loved this stuff for years. Because it's weird looking. I smile when I think of having friends over for dinner and seeing the looks on their faces when they see this stuff on the table. Plus, my mom hates it, which makes me automatically love it even more, because at heart I'm still a 12-year old.

The big-ass Henckles knife set. Because bigger IS better. I think the block even spins. Wheeee!

These dishes from Target. I love the patterns and the color combinations. Another thing that I could actually afford now!

Thank you for letting me share my greedy, lustful desires with you! Is there anything you're lusting after? I can put it on my powerball list!

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Michelle said... husband and I do the same thing sometimes, day dream about wining the power ball, hah! I love the green pumps! I to would carelessly spend my fortune on random things I do not need but thats what money is for, right?

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