Sunday, August 17, 2008

An International Flair

Today we headed out to Swope Park to the K.C. Ethnic Enrichment Festival. It's gotten bigger over the years, and I think the last time we went was before Chickenhead was even born. He had a blast going from booth to booth checking out the different foods and trinkets from all the different countries. Mostly, he was there for the food.

I tried to get him to have some fun. Why do I have to nag him to have fun? If it doesn't involve eight levels of thrills and excitement and shooting aliens, it's not fun, I guess. I had to practically beg him to do this-

Right after I snapped the photo, all he had to say was, 'when do we eat?' Oh no, the husband and I said, First, there will be culture! So we sat down and watched the Native American dancers. They were really cool-

This guy's costume was awesome. Most of the dancers make their own costumes, doing all the beadwork themselves.

This guy made me laugh for some reason. Maybe because he's wearing an Elmer Fudd type hunting cap in August.

Finally, after the Native American dancers and a kendo exhibition, we finally ate. At last, Chickenhead was happy!

I told him this was where that turkey leg really came from-

He knows better than to believe me, though. I hope!

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Lurker Girl said...

Looks like you had fun! I love the big Turkey leg--I have only seen those sold at NASCAR races before--HAHA!!