Thursday, September 4, 2008

Swimming In A Sea of Randomness

I have no idea what that title means, it just popped into my head. That happens sometimes. Time gets away from me too, sometimes. It seems like it was just Saturday and next thing I know, it's Thursday!

I spent most of Labor Day weekend well, laboring. Laundry, house cleaning, etc. Chickenhead had a stomach bug or something, and was nice enough to share it with the husband and me. Luckily, we all survived it.

I've been trying to think of a way to set up a scrapbooking area here in the house. Before my mom moved in, I used the spare bedroom as my craft room. It was great! I had a place where, if I was working on a project, I could leave it out and just shut the door on the mess. Now, all of my scrapping stuff is in the laundry room, packed away in boxes.

The husband said I could take part of the Man-Hole (his 'man room' in the basement) and set up all of my stuff. But honestly though that's his space. I kind of like having my own space to do stuff. And he smokes, and I don't want my projects smelling like cigarette smoke. So. I'm thinking about cleaning out the sideboard I have in the kitchen and putting the supplies I would use most in there. It's big enough that it would hold paper and most of my tools.

I just know that I need to get back in to getting creative, because I really miss it. It feels like a piece of me has been put on hold, and I want and need to get that back.

Other than all of this, not much else going on. The husband and Chickenhead are heading out to Old Settler's Days in Olathe tomorrow night. The husband will be out there all day Saturday. Coming up another weekend this month, we're planning on going to the Renaissance Festival, fun fun!

It looks like fall is finally upon us and I plan on enjoying as much of it as possible. Except for the raking leaves part. I never enjoy that!

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Lurker Girl said...

Oh I totally agree with you. I have not scrapped or made a card in FOREVER. My stuff is piled up in a corner of the dining room. I hate not finishing something I start, but I cannot get any good chunk of time to get anything done--and I CANNOT leave the stuff sitting out either--it would drive me nuts. I need a space in my hubby's "man cave", but he won't share. Boo Hiss.

I have zillions of dollars invested in the stuff and it just sits there. Ugh.