Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, the three of us piled into the car and headed out to Lee's Summit. We met up with my mother in law, and went out to Faulkner's Pumpkin Patch. It was a beautiful day to be outdoors! It was sunny, and not too hot, and very windy. All in all, the perfect fall day.

The patch had tons of stuff to do. Of course, there were pumpkins-

There was also a petting zoo, where the star attraction, at least for Chickenhead and his cousins, was the goats. They all love the new Arby's commercial where the guy marries the goat. Chickenhead goes around the house all the time saying, "she's hot!", like the guy in the ad does. Please send help immediately.

I got the boys to sit semi-still for 10 seconds so I could get this photo-

Don't they look like they're having a blast?

There was tons of other stuff, too. There were all kinds of games, and of course, a hay ride.

Finally, the boys had pony rides and we picked out our pumpkins.

Everything about yesterday was pretty much perfect!

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