Monday, October 27, 2008

Well Goodness!

I hadn't realized how long it had been since I decided to sit down and write. A whole two weeks have somehow passed!

Let's see, what all has been happening around here? I had another birthday last Wednesday. I have discovered that after 40, a birthday is truly no big deal! I had lunch with Rhonda at Planet Sub, and dinner that night was Chinese food that we ordered in. I got some lovely gifts from my family and friends, and some always appreciated cash, too. It was a perfect day- no stress, no anxiety over this being a 'big' birthday. I think I want all birthdays to be like this from now on; no fussing, no stressing, just enjoying my friends and family.

Oh! The really big news. My momma is moving! Probably won't happen until after the first of the year. She's moving in to one of those apartment buildings that are seniors only. I hope she likes it. Who am I kidding, she never likes anything. But she's moving. I have to admit, I feel a bit conflicted. I know she's not happy here, and I know she wants a place of her own. But I'm concerned about how she'll do on her own, and if she'll be able to make it financially. I worry about her health and what will happen if she gets to a point where she needs help.

Last Wednesday was 'crazy hair day' at Chickenhead's school. It was spirit week for their United Way fundraiser. Everyday is a 'crazy hair day' for me and I asked Chickenhead if he just wanted me to do his hair to look like mine. He laughed and said, 'NO'. I was shocked, believe me. So, when we went to the Walmarts, I picked up some blue hair gel. This is the final result-

Pretty cool, huh? I'm thinking maybe I should try it!

I had last Friday off, so after the scheduled parent/teacher conference, the husband and Chickenhead and I set off to do some shopping. I went to the Footlocker clearance store on Metcalf, and scored a pair of Nike Shox for $53.00! Sweet! Everything in the store if half off. We bought Chickenhead's new school shoes there, and I've been scoping them out for some new kicks for myself. Went to Michael's to get a craft project for the Halloween class party coming up this week. Now I just need to think of a game. The other room parents have been great at helping to organize everything, and now it's almost time to put it all together.

Finally, I think the fridge is finally, really, truly fixed this time! Fingers crossed!

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