Friday, November 21, 2008

Men I Like- Adrien Brody

I first noticed Adrien Brody in Roman Polanski's 'The Pianist'. He gave a mesmerizing performance as a Polish classical pianist surviving the horrors of a Nazi-occupied Poland. His brooding good looks definately caught my eye, but you feel kind of icky lusting after someone in a Holocaust movie.

The next film I saw him in was the dark and moody 'The Jacket'. There's lots of plot twists and turns, and if you like suspense, I'd highly recommend it. 'The Darjeeling Express', in which Brody co-stars with Owen Wilson, is another great movie.

Enough chatter. Let's look at him.


Mrs. G. said...

He's got that floppy, silky hair that gets me all worked up.

Thank you for this public service.

C Monster said...

I'm a Brody fan too! He has the biggest nose I think I've ever seen, but it really sexy on him.

I LOVED the Jacket. LOVED that movie! That's when I fell in lust with him.

His little bro isn't too bad either, smaller nose, but not bad.