Monday, November 24, 2008

Shameful Confessions

Well, I feel like doing a little soul purging here today, so take a big drink of your beverage of choice and hang on!

1. The husband doesn't really know about this blog. It's not like I set out to deceive him or withhold information from him. I simply wanted a place to record my many twisted thoughts and secret dreams without his judgment. And it's not that he's overly judgmental, it's that he's more one of those overly helpful people that have the best intentions, but end up making you nuts. He would start off with a couple of 'helpful' suggestions, and before you know it, he's taken over the place. Not here, buddy! This is my place to rant, rage, vent and gnash my teeth in frustration. Besides, he usually knows everything I'm thinking, although I may edit it slightly so he doesn't think I'm entirely nuts.

2. I find Alton Brown from Food Network's 'Good Eats' very hot in an endearingly geeky kind of way.

3. Once in a while, I find myself wondering what ex-boyfriends are up to. I guess this isn't too terribly shameful, it's not like I'm stalking them or anything. I feel guilty though, because the husband is a pretty decent fellow, and I really shouldn't be wondering if Mr. X is happy or miserable with his current lot in life and how that directly or indirectly relates to me not being in it. I like to think that Mr. X is silently kicking himself in the pants at the thought of losing a hot dish like me. Heh.

4. Two weeks ago, I was getting all antsy for the holidays (did you notice I decorated around here?), but now, I could honestly give a rat's ass less. Probably because it's usually yours truly who drags all the crap up from the basement, untangles all the lights, sets out all the decorations, etc. And I'll just bet you can't guess who gets to put it all away, can you?

That's all the same I feel like getting off my chest for now. I could confess to a lot more, but for now, I won't. My soul feels a little more scrubbed clean now, and that's good enough for me!

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Lurker Girl said...

OH--my DH would die if he knew I had a blog--where else can I bitch out my true feelings about his family--and sometimes about him??

Diaries came with locks on them for a reason--that is why blogs have passwords.....