Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Known Facts About Me...

I doubt that your life will be that much richer once you know the following tidbits, but I present them to you, anyway. Here we go-

1. It pisses me off when other people don't understand or even worse, ridicule my few OCD traits. For example, in the silverware drawer, I have the dinner forks going in one direction, the smaller salad forks in the other. Same with the soup and teaspoons. When my momma moved in, she pointed and laughed and promptly just threw all the forks in any ol' which way and the spoons, too. I damned near broke out in to hives.

2. Other kitchen related OCD issues- All of the knives have to have the handles going in the same direction in the knife block. I'm left handed, so when I reach for a knife, I want it setting in my hand the correct way. And, it bugs the hell out of me if I see that they're going in all different directions. Also, I HAVE to load the plates in the dishwasher a certain way, as well as the silverware in the little basket. I have tried not to care, but that's just beyond me. I also prefer my cabinets organized a certain way, and since my momma moved in, that's all flown by the wayside. I like labels facing out, and certain items in certain cabinets. She's squirrelling away saltine crackers over in the cabinet where the casserole dishes are, and that's just not gonna work any more.

3. I really, really, really hate the color beige. What a blah color. It's the color of depression if you ask me. And if you look around, there's a lot of beige in the world.

4. I can't stand to have the caps on any of my hair stuff in the bathroom. I pop those babies off and toss them the minute I get them home. I got tired of trying to pull a cap off of a bottle of spray gel with wet hands, so I just threw them all out.

5. I truly believe that Alzheimer's is a variant of Creutszfeld-Jakobs (sp?) disease, a/k/a, mad cow. The beef that we consume these days is filled to the brim with anti-biotics, growth hormones and Lord only knows what else. I have no proof for my theory, only what I've read in books like Fast Food Nation and other articles on the USDA and their appalling inaction. I also saw a headline somewhere online today that said that Low-Carb diets can lead to Alzheimer's. So, yeah, I'm not a scientist or anything, and to be honest, I'll probably never stop eating meat, but I wish the powers that be would be a little bit more truthful with us.

6. I have a bad crafting habit that involves starting up some big, complex project and never finishing it. I can tell you tales of half-knitted scarves, cards, purses, and counted cross-stich projects. Especially the cross-stitch. When the husband proposed to me, I began a beautiful Victorian-inspired wedding sampler. It's all done except for part of the bride's dress, and putting in our names and the date. I'll be married to the Husband 14 years come this January, and I don't see that picture getting done anytime soon. I showed it to Chickenhead not too long ago, and he looked at the bride and groom and said, 'That's not Daddy, that guy has hair!'. So did Daddy once baby, so did Daddy.

7. Sometimes, I think Chickenhead's lactose intolerance is killing me, because I haven't kept ice cream in the house for almost 8 months now. I suppose in the long run that's good, but man. What I wouldn't do for some Ben and Jerry's now and again! But I would feel horrible eating it in front of Chickenhead, knowing how much he likes it, and that he can't have it.

8. If you haven't checked out Raphael Saadiq's album (cd, whatever) The Way I See It, you really should. He's modern, classic R&B and his voice is as smooth as Sam Cooke's. Go buy it, download it, whatever it is that you do. Trust me.

9. The other night I dreamed that I found a kitten in our house, and I was trying to hide it from the Husband, for fear that he would make me get rid of it. I named the kitten 'Curtis Martin', whom I've since found out is an NFL, and an NHL player. So, if I get a cat, I'm for sure going to name it Curtis Martin, because that sounds like kind of a cool cat name.

10. I am SO tired of Tom Cruise, and Katiebot and Suribot. Why are these people always walking this poor child around like they're in some purebreed show? Why do I rarely see this little girl smile? Why doesn't she wear a coat half the time? Why does Katie look like she's aged about 25 years in about 6 months? She needs to take that baby and go get herself deprogrammed!

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