Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm feeling strangely peaceful about the holidays despite the fact that I have not yet bought one single solitary gift. I'll do that next Wednesday when I have the day off. The Husband and I will go shopping and I'll come home and get everything wrapped and hidden before Chickenhead gets home from school. Easy peasy.

I'm trying to organize the in-laws to come over for dinner on Christmas Eve. We've always done dinner on Christmas Eve, and it would mean the world to Chickenhead. My MIL is in, but my FIL is being his usual difficult self. I told him we would be having dinner, and he says 'well, I have a (photo)shoot at 10 AM'. OK. Who has pictures taken on Christmas Eve? And even so, is it going to take him from 10 AM until around 6 PM to complete this shoot? Really? But you know what? It doesn't bother me. I can't control his crazy, I can only control mine.

The Husband and I are in the talking stages of planning our first ever family vacation. Dear Lord help me. We want to drive, so the short list includes Louisville, Chicago or San Antonio as possible destinations. I also suggested Mall of America, but it was met with little interest. I think Chickenhead would love Chicago, especially Shedd Aquarium and the Museum of Natural History. So, we'll see where all this talk leads us to. I have a feeling it will only lead to being stuck in a car together for 8 hours, with an endless loop of Star Wars on a portable DVD player and me and the Husband speaking to each other only through gritted teeth, but I'm game for it, I suppose.

In a bit of sad news from my world, my iPod died this morning. Crap. The Husband says I can use his until I get a new one. I am now trying to decide- iPod Classic that can hold 30,000 songs or a Zune? Suggestions?


Carol said...

I have a suggestion! I suggest San Antonio! It is great, we went with Rita and Dave in June so it wasn't too terribly hot and you can go to the Alamo..which was free...then there is the River Walk and unless you buy too is free to wonder around looking at all the can ride the boat, not sure of the cost though since we didn't. Plus there are some good pubs near the Alamo too...that serve food so Chickenhead could attend as well. Look up the cities you are interested in and go to their get a ton of info!

C Monster said...

I have a suggestion for your dead i-pod. My husband has a Zen, by Creative, 16 gig, it will hold a shitload of songs because you can load up a sd card and pop it in there. You can also put photos on it and have a personal photo as your backgroud. It displays 16 million colors just like a tv, and has a bigger screen. Plus it's cheaper than an i-Pod. It's really fuckin cool, you should get one. Plus it will read all of your i-tunes library that you already have on your computer.

The mall of america sucks, Chickenhead would love the indoor amuzement park, but you and hubby would get tired of it fast. It's just a mall that sells crap, lots of expensive crap.

San Antonio sounds like fun, I've never been to TX. You could see cacti. Or even better, I don't know how far away you would be from South Dakota. There's the badlands, sturgis (not good for chickenhead), mount rushmore, devils tower, beautiful landscape and relatively cheap lodging. Plus it's peaceful and it has fun things for chickenhead to do. Oh, and there's Wall-Drug! And hubby could get you a black hills gold ring while your there. So there's romance too! Oh la la!

Kelley said...

OMG, Devil's Tower would fit right in with my current Close Encounters of the Third Kind obsession! I watch that damned movie everytime it comes on AMC lately. I may build my own Devil's Tower out of mashed potatoes or all the dirty laundry!

We have definately talked about South Dakota, but right now I think we're leaning towards San Antonio. We would be going in March during Chickenhead's spring break, and it would be warmer in Texas than it would be say, Chicago or Minneapolis. Plus, I do believe that SA is a hop skip and a jump from the Gulf of Mexico, so we could walk along the beach. And there's Sea World and Six Flags, so woo-hoo!

Lurker Girl said...

From someone who's been to Mall of America more than her fair share of times (Corp office is in MN--we go up there often). I say skip that nonsense. Yes the amusement park is fun--for about 2 hours--then you are broke and tired of the noise and other brats--I mean other people's well behaved children.

I absolutely LOVE Minneapolis itself--such a fun, young, vibrant city--there is nothing for chickenhead to enjoy there.

OK--I have to take something back--I LOVE Minneapolis when I get to go in the summer. I've been there in February and wanted to DIE or kill myself due to the cold. God plays cruel jokes on those people in the winter. When your eyelashes freeze together--it ain't pretty.

I would love to see South Dakota (again in the summer) or San Antonio--that sounds like a good choice.