Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, not much is really going on around the Casa these days. There's a lot that needs to go on, believe me. I need to finish up putting away the Christmas decorations. I need to get started on the Great Closet Clean Out of 2009. The reason I've dragged my feet on both of these projects is that thinking about starting on either makes me think about other projects I need to do around the house, and then it just snowballs in to one HUGE, mind-numbing, overwhelming project, and then quite frankly, I just say 'screw it' and lie on the sofa and watch some nasty reality show on VH-1.

So my never-ending attempt to get organized and stay that way will continue. In hopes that I will stick to getting even half of this boring crap done, I'm going to list my goals here for all the world and the three readers of this blog to see. Ready? Here they are-

1. Put the Christmas junk away all ready.
2. Clean out the closets, starting with the hall closet. Ask the Husband if he really still needs that scuba gear that's been hanging in the closet since 2003.
3. Clean Chickenhead's bedroom. Yes, I know that he should be doing this, but his version of 'clean' and mine are vastly different. How long should one clean their child's room?
4. Re-organize the kitchen cabinets. I have desperate OCD issues about my kitchen. Since my mom has been living with us, she just puts stuff in any old cabinet, and then when she can't find where she's squirrled away say a box of tea, or a packet of crackers, she accuses someone else of taking them. I know a lot of what is going on with her is her illness, and no real fault of her own, but if I find another box of Ritz stuffed in with all my baking pans, my head will explode.
5. Clean out every stinking drawer in the house and toss any/all un-necessary, un-wanted, non-working, tacky, ugly items.
6. Possibly have a garage sale to make money on said un-necessary, un-wanted, tacky and ugly items.

OK. It looks like I've got my work cut out for me.

PS- I promise the next man I like that I share will not be quite as scary as Joaquin. I'm still not over that one myself!

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Lurker Girl said...

ok--I'm right there with you on cleaning of the closets! I have an upstairs closet that I dare not open because of all the crap that will fall out of it and kill me.

That closet is the bain of my existence--but I cannot bring myself to clean it!!