Thursday, February 26, 2009

And Another Thing...

In the words of one of my favorite singers, Amy Winehouse (sidenote- am I the only one who thinks Wino looks like Gargamel from the Smurf cartoons?), 'What kind of f&*%-ery is this?' The folks up at the school are up to their tricks again, and I'm not having it.

The Husband took Chickenhead to the doctor, and surprise, Chicken has the stomach flu. Dr. says that there's been a lot of it going around. He wrote a note for the school, because all of the sudden, they want a note explaining why Chickenhead hasn't been in school this week. We've never had to send them a note from his doctor before, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that this week was the Kansas Math Assessement tests. They've got their panties in a wad because when Chickenhead goes back, they'll have to make special arrangements for him to take the test. To which I say, 'suck it up (or maybe just suck it), people'. I very seriously doubt that Chickenhead was the only child in the district, the only child at his school even, who missed all or part of these tests. It's not like we kept him at home for the fun of it. The Husband pointed out that when Chickenhead is home sick, he expects to be able to watch Nick/Cartoon Network/Disney all the live long day, thus depriving Dad of access to Sci-Fi and the History Channel. See? We have our priorities straight.

I'll be honest here- I do not care for Chickenhead's teacher this year. She seems to have a rather large stick lodged somewhere personal, and it's making her a bit cranky. The tone of her emails is always very condescending, and I just don't like condescending. I don't care if her and I are BFF, I've got plenty of those thanks, but her constant rudeness is un-necessary and getting on my last nerve.

This whole testing thing is irritating me, too. How much of this will the kids really retain after the testing is over? When I look at the classwork my son brings home, I honestly don't get it. He was working on some math problems last week that had to do with 'tessellation'. I had no idea what that was until I went to Wikipedia. I asked Chickenhead what tessellation was and got the shoulder shrug/'I dunno' combo. I have a feeling that math is just going to be a tricky subject for us all the way around. I was always math phobic and did whatever I could to get out of it. I will be of no use to Chickenehad when algebra comes in to our lives because I live by the motto, 'when in doubt X=6'.

On a bright note, I found someone who will come and clean up our yard, bag all the leaves (and maybe remove that dead squirell from the side yard if I ask nicely) for $150. AND, he'll mow for $35 a pop, so I may just have him come twice a month, and I'll mow myself once a month. Maybe, just maybe, I won't be hatin' on the great outdoors so much this summer. We'll see...

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