Thursday, February 5, 2009

Completely Random

Time has a funny habit of getting away from me, does it do that to you, too?

We've been dealing with my mother's health issues, and by dealing with, I mean she's ignoring them, while I try to figure out what the hell is going on. I'm going to have a discussion with her this weekend about getting a power of attorney. I'm dreading this because I know she's going to be angry, and she's going to feel like I'm trying to take over her life. This isn't the case at all of course, I just want to be able to do what's in her best interests if, God forbid, she becomes incapacitated by a stroke or other medical issue. It's the last thing in the world that I want to happen, but realistically, it looks like we may be heading down that road. Here's an interesting piece of related trivia- Did you know that researchers have determined that people who develop Type 2 diabetes before the age of 65 have a 125% higher risk of developing Alzheimer's later in life?

February seems to be the dullest month. It's some sort of purgatory; not quite winter, not yet spring. Everyone just seems to be in limbo, waiting it out until longer days and warmer temps arrive. I've been working on some Valentine's for my friends, and Chickenhead is still deliberating on which style to pass out to his classmates.

The husband surprised me the other day with an early Valentine's day bouquet of flowers; deep pink lillies and almost burgandy colored carnations. They are some of the prettiest flowers I think he's ever given me. He apologized for them not being roses, but I told him that truthfully, I don't care for long-stemmed roses. Have you noticed that they don't have any scent anymore? What good are roses without that wonderful smell?

Not much else is going on around the Casa. Chickenhead did awesome in the Pinewood Derby, winning First in his den, and an award for 'Fastest Looking Car'. I'm slowly getting back in to scrapbooking, and have organzied all of my supplies, and am now thinking about buying a Slice. It's a cutting tool like a Cricut, but small and portable. Since I'm limited on storage space, I think it may be the best choice for me as it won't take up a lot of room. And, it's cheaper too!

You'll recall that last month I wrote about the craziness that is now Joaquin Phoenix. There have been rumors floating around that his disheveled appearance and impending rap career were a hoax, but no, Joaquin assures us that it's for real, yo. If he wants to rap, fine, but does he have to look like someone that lives under a bridge to do it?

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Lurker Girl said...

I would have licked Joaquin from head to toe in Gladiator--but he is too "one swastika tattoo away from Charles Manson" for me now.

Get thee to rehab baby--make it all better.

K--I hope things work out ok for your Mom. I hate seeing my mom get older--it doesn't seem right to have to worry about taking care of HER--she's always taken care of ME. Ugh

side bar--my word verification is FRIGG. Like is is EVer going to Frigging warm up??