Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Freakout = Free Food (and a moral dilemma)

So today my BFF and I decided that we were stressed and crazy enough from the pressures of both work and family that we deserved to go out to lunch. I even offered to pay, since we take turns on that.

Come lunch time, off to Chipotle we go! Yum, Chipotle! I had a bowl with barbacoa (spicy beef) and guacamole. Guacamole makes life better, I've decided. Anyway, we zipped through the line and we were at the register in mere seconds. I reached in to my purse, and went to grab my debit card. It. Was. Not. There. OMG.

I frantically tried to remember where/when I had used it last. It was yesterday morning at Scooter's. I had my Scooter's points card, where was my debit card?! I looked at Rhonda with a look of panic, and started flapping my hands like I do when I'm about to have a panic attack. I asked the girl by the register if they took checks, and sheepishly explained that I had lost my debit card. She very calmly said, 'no problem, this one's on me' and with that Rhonda and I were whisked through the line.

I think I may have been even more shocked that they let us have lunch on the house than I was that I had lost my card. Rhonda and I spent a good five minutes staring at each other open-mouthed and tracing my steps back to figure out where that stupid card was.

We were sitting at the table and I looked through my purse once more. And there, in the little pocket where I never put ANYTHING, was my bank card. I debated with myself; do I go back and pay for lunch or chalk it up to karma? Well...the line was getting long...and she did seem like she just wanted my babbling ass out of the line because I was slowing things up...so I told Rhonda that karma granted us a free lunch today. I will find some way to pay it forward.

But still...should I go back and pay? Hmmm....at least I didn't do what I saw some poor woman do before we left. She dropped a bottle of hot sauce, sending glass and Tobasco pouring down the wall and the front of her clothes. At least I wasn't that lady!

Rhonda and I both kind of wish I had spazzed out somewhere where they had ice cream. Maybe next time!

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