Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Thoughts- The Only Kind I Seem To Have

We are finally able to see the end of February within our grasp. Am I the only one who thought this was just the longest month EVER? February can just go, already. I'm over it.

I have made an executive decision at the Casa. I am not doing yardwork this year. Yes, I could use the exercise, it was nice of you to point that out. But. With everything going on with my mom, and wanting to spend more time with Chickenhead and the Husband, and maybe, just maybe, find some time for myself, mowing and raking just doesn't fit in the picture. I'm going to try to find an affordable lawn service that can come and take care of it.

Speaking of my mommma, I wish we knew what was going on. Some days she's doing great. Other days, she's moodier than usual, and in such a fog that it's hard to believe it's the same person. The other night at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet, the Husband and I spent a good five minutes convincing her that we only needed a table for four people, not five.

I actually talked with her one night about a power of attorney, telling her that I thought it would be wise to have if she ever went in to the hospital, heaven forbid. She agreed, so I need to get the paperwork rolling on that. Mom also said that she has no business driving; it makes her too nervous. So what does she do? She goes out to the store and here and there during the day. I worry that she's going to hurt herself or someone else.

Sometimes I find myself feeling very angry about this whole thing. I get frustrated that she doesn't seem to care about her health, that she's not taking in to consideration how her actions can affect others. I get mad because she's getting old, and there's nothing that I can do to stop that. I get angry at feeling powerless more than anything else. My inner-control freak is not happy!

Other than all of this, not much else is going on. Chickenhead is fighting off some sort of flu bug or something, the Husband is taking him to the doctor today.

I got to spend time with my girlfriends this past Saturday, scrapping. It felt good to be in the company of people I truly enjoy, doing something I love. Laughter and companionship are the best cures for whatever ails you!


Lurker Girl said...

Has your Mom's Dr. checked her for early stage Alzheimers at all? Her confusion and "stubborness" might be signs of something else. I know there are other health issues, but maybe that needs a look.

Your Saturday Sounds like heaven--I cannot tell you the last time I scrapped anything--I've even started selling off my stamps--I have no desire to take the time anymore--It's easier to buy the cards than make them. I'm just not feeling the love of it anymore. But that probably goes along with my Mid-life crisis post--thank you for your kind words--it means a lot to me.

Take care of Chickenhead and YES--get someone else to do the yardwork!!

Kelley said...

You hang in there, girl! You'll get past this and get your groove back!

My mom has been to her primary care and a neuro, has had a CATscan and an MRI, both of which came back normal. The neuro says she does show some symptoms of Parkinson's, but not all of them, so he's hesitant to say that's what it is. She goes next month for three intensive days of memory testing. I guess these will be what determines if this is Alzheimer's or not. Of course, when her blood sugar is reading at 350, and her BP is 180/120, it's hard to say. She could be dealing with any number of medical possibilities.