Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks, George and Abe!

Today I honored the birthdays of two of our greatest presidents by going shopping. I think old Honest Abe would have appreciated the 50% off deal I got at Michael's on a new scrap tote. George would have been tickled pink to see the clear acrylic album I bought at Archiver's. Both of them would have gotten a kick out of the sweet deals I scored on down pillows and a yummy scented candle at Tuesday Morning, Inc.

We also dined on some great Mexican food, in honor of...well, that really had nothing to do with President's Day at all. It was Margarita Monday at Kokopelli's. Usually when a restaurant runs a cheap 'rita special, they're watered down. Not so at Kokopelli's. You could taste the tequila more than you could the mix! It was like downing a large, frozen shot! When we left, I was feeling pretty groovy! Then when I got home, I was kind of cranky and now I'm just plain tired.

I've got tomorrow and Wednesday off, too. My favorite thing about being off of work during the week is getting Chickenhead ready for school. Yes, he pokes along and yes, at some point I have to yell at him to get his butt in gear, but all in all, I love it. I love hanging out in the front yard with him, waiting for the bus to come. The neighbor-cat, O'Ryan, always comes over to visit and get his head scratched.

After the bus picks up Chickenehead, I come back in, have a cup of coffee, and watch Golden Girls (yes, I never miss GG if I can help it). Tomorrow and Wednesday I have a mission. I have to clean Chickenhead's room. I've done it before, and I'm sure I'll do it a million more times before he grows up. This time though, I'm going to do a more thorough cleaning, and really get rid of stuff. It's damned near impossible to get rid of stuff when he's there saying, 'not THAT! I still play with it!!', and it's a baby toy from 2001. So tomorrow and Wednesday will be all about the big purge.

I'm getting very excited about heading over to my friend Carol's this weekend for some scrapbooking! I'm getting some photos uploaded so I can pick them up later this week, and I'm getting all my projects and tools together in my new tote. Oh! And I treated myself to the Making Memories Slice. Thanks to Carol, I got a great deal online, and I should have it tomorrow or Wednesday. Yay!!

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Carol said...

Please bring the slice...I wanna see that baby in action!