Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Joy of Nothing

This weekend, I am proud to say I did nothing. Oh sure, I did the things I had to do, laundry, made dinner, etc. But other than that, I didn't do anything.

Yesterday, the Husband and Chickenhead went to our nephew's pinewood derby race. My neck was still hurting, I was tired and it was just too darned early in the morning. So after some breakfast and a cup of coffee, I crawled back in bed. And I slept. And slept. And slept some more. When I finally woke up, it was 7PM. I felt invigorated and refreshed and best of all, no more pain in my neck! We had a light dinner and Chickenhead and I played for a bit and read two chapters in the book 'Strider' by Beverly Cleary. Then he went off to stay up late with the Husband, playing video games and watching the Disney channel until the wee hours. Me, I went back to bed and slept some more.

Today, since I'm all rested up, I've just been doing the things that had to get done; the laundry, picking up the house, cleaning the bathrooms. I made a pot roast and homemade mashed potatoes for dinner. It's been pretty mellow, this weekend.

I wonder why it is that we feel like we've wasted a weekend if we don't cram 20 million activities in to it? I hate feeling that way. I've worked hard all week, I should be able to enjoy two days the way that I want to, and this weekend, that's exactly what I did. And I'm gonna do it again! Maybe not next weekend though, I've go stuff I've got to get done!

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Gladys said...

Kelley I have always wondered that myself. I used to try to cram so much into such a small space of time I was exhausted all the time until I would finally get so sick that I would be forced to go to bed.

I no longer do that. Now I do what I want and so no to all that other stuff.