Monday, March 30, 2009

Social Networking Gone Amuck

A couple of years ago, I got addicted to MySpace. I was on that thing all the time. If I wasn't sending cutsie picture comments to my friends, I was changing my background, my banner, my contact table, etc. It was a never-ending attempt to try to define myself by the appearance of a web page and the number of friends I had.

I also had a Facebook page, but rarely went on there. Facebook isn't as 'flashy' as MySpace, so I just couldn't relate. But somewhere along the way, things began to change.

While both FB and MS are good ways to stay in touch with friends and family, nothing can replace good old fashioned, face-to-face contact. Getting a new comment on your page never feels as good as getting a phone call from that person, and having them say, 'hey, how are you?', and then shooting the breeze for a while.

I recently started hanging out on Facebook more, and was lucky enough to have an old friend from elementary school find me. While I sometimes get frustrated with Facebook's constant tweaking of this, that and the other, I do like it as a way to keep up with friends I don't get to see often, old friends from school that I still want to talk to, and family members that I don't get to see as often as I would like.

Since I made a commitment to myself to blog here more, I decided to take a look at my 'internet life' and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Between blogging(which I love), Tweeting, MySpace and Facebook, it was all too much. I felt like MySpace had become redundant, because most of my MySpace friends were also my friends on Facebook. So I made the decision to quit MySpace, and had no hesitations or regrets about clicking on that 'cancel account' button. There are a couple of friends on there that I will miss having contact info for, but they have my address and phone # and email addy, so if they want to find me bad enough, they can.

I would much rather spend the time that I have in each day on real connections with people. Even if all I get to do some days is email a friend, that's still way better than a cute bunny picture on my comments. The exchange of words, thoughts and ideas can never in any way be replaced by pictures, throwing a sheep at someone or a song dedication.

Now if you'll excuse me, I may have to go Twitter again!

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