Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Staying Home Sick

This week I have been struck down by the plague. OK, maybe not the actual Plague, but for sure the Creeping Crud. You know the one; the fever, the cough, the drowning in phlegm (sorry for typing that word). So, I'm staying home because the thought of having a coughing fit on the bus, getting all red in the face and gagging violently, just does me in. Having to be at the office, putting up with the petty drama of my co-workers just isn't in the cards for me. Not today.

So what do I do when I stay home sick? Well, yesterday I slept indulgently off and on all day. When I was awake, I watched 'A Haunting' on the Discovery Channel, read part of 'Eclipse' again and drank unlimited cups of tea.

I plan more of the same for today. I'm going to nap, maybe see what's on Turner Classic Movies, maybe do a load of laundry. I don't want to do too much, after all, I am sick!


Carol said...

Feel better my sista...and if any one deserves to sit back and chill for a would be you!

I'm Julie said...

Girlfriend, you need to rent a Ewan McGregor movie and lay around all day!!

PS I did post that list of nekkie ones on the Women's Colony - just for you.

Feel better!

Kelley said...

Julie, you're a saint among women!