Monday, April 27, 2009

All Kinds of Random

I've been in kind of a funk, lately. I'm not really sure why, just feeling a bit blah. It's starting to lift though, and I think it's in part due to the fact that the season is finally starting to change. Yes, spring and summer bring more work in the form of yard work, but this year, I've got a couple of willing(sort of) helpers-

(the black bar is to protect the Husband's identity. He's having a bit of a crisis, as he looked at this photo and realized he's inheriting his daddy's belly)

But really, I think I'm glad to finally be able to get out of the house without there being snow, ice or freezing temperatures to greet me.

Chickenhead joined me at work last week, and had a great time. He couldn't get over what a big city I work in. I realized I keep him in the suburbs too much; every little noise made him question what it was. We heard some sort of bang or crash or whatever coming from a parking garage and he asked, "was that a gunshot?" I told him no, I really didn't know what it was, but I was fairly certain that it was not gunfire. "Right", he said. "If it was gunfire, the police would be here!" Um, yeah. Let's hope so. It was even more fun for me, I think, to get to share part of my day with him. And it made it more interesting to me to kind of take a look at the world around me through his eyes. I think we all need a kid's perspective in our lives.

If you look over there to the right, you'll see that I got a blog award! Yay! Thank you so much, Gladys. Part of accepting this award is paying it forward to ten other blogs. So without further ado, here are my blog award winners-

1. Around Our House- My dear friend Carol's blog. She takes awesome pictures, is funny as hell, and is an amazing scrapper. She's got it goin' on.

2. Lurking In LaVida Loca Lurker Girl doesn't post a whole lot, but when she does, it's required reading. She's smart, funny and all kinds of cool.

3. The Women's Colony Brought to you by the delightful Mrs. G from Derfwad Manor, and Melanie from Beanpaste, this blog is more than just a blog. Take a peek over there and see what all is going on.

4. Bakerella- Bakerella inspires me to try new things in the kitchen. She freely admits when she has problems in the kitchen, which is reassuring. She can rock a cakepop like nobody's business!

5. Gladys Tells All- Yes, even thought Gladys gave me the award, I have to give one back to her, too. Gladys has a real knack for story telling, and I look forward to her posts every day.

6. Minnesota Matron I'm a new fan of the Matron, but I love her writing. She's bluntly honest and funny.

7. Suburban Correspsondent- I discovered the Suburban over at The Women's Colony. She has a nice way with words, and she has six kids, which makes her a saint in my book.

8. Gluten-Free Girl- I first discovered Shauna a couple of Thanksgiving's ago when I was looking for a gluten-free gravy recipe I could make for my nephew. Her blog is so much more than just a food blog. Her passion for food, for flavors, for life itself, shows in her writing. She puts words together real good, is what I'm saying.

9. My Sister's Farmhouse Rechelle is one of the funniest Kansan-Americans I know of. Whenever I can use a good laugh, I head over to her blog and am never disappointed.

10. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman- Last but not least, Ree. What doesn't this woman do? And she does it all out in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. I started going there for the recipes and ended up staying for everything else. Now if I can just win one of those contests of hers.

OK, I'm off to play a video game with Chickenhead before bed. I think we're going to shoot zombies or something. Good times!


Gladys said...

Thank you so much. Thank you for putting me in the same list with CDW and Pdub I feel so honored.

Carol said...

I agree....thank you! Wow!

Lurker Girl said...

Aww--you are SO awesome!! I promise to be a better blogger and post more--once the "crazy" all settles down--yeah right--the crazy is always with me