Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Men I Like- Mike Rowe

I normally don't pay a whole lot of attention to the programming on the Discovery Channel. Oh, if I'm in the room, I watch a bit of 'Mythbusters' and I always try to catch some of 'Shark Week', but I'm not a regular devotee to the channel. Except when it comes to 'Dirty Jobs'. Man, do I love me some 'Dirty Jobs'!

The premise of the show is simple- the host is sent to do various jobs around the country that are dirty, sweaty, back-breaking labor. Poop of some sort is usually involved. And the man there in the middle of all that poop? Why, it's this man-

Mike Rowe. What a guy. What a voice. He sings opera too, you know. And he narrates many other shows on Discovery Channel. He looks very um, fit, doesn't he? If he ever needs help cleaning up, I would be willing to help. I'm just like that. Always willing to pitch in and help out when needed!

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Gladys said...

I too love Mike Rowe and all things having to do with Mr. Dirty Jobs.