Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Thoughts on Moms

All this week, I've been thinking about moms- my mom, other people's moms, my mom, other moms that are working my nerves, well you get the point. So, here are some random observations on the moms I have encountered this week-

My Mom- How is it possible to love someone and yet dislike them at the same time? I know that she is in her final years with us, yet I get irritated by the way she refuses to accept help, the way she refuses to take care of her health. It's terribly frustrating to see someone who may not have to go through all of this if they would only care.

Other People's Moms- I know people who's moms have destroyed their families through lies, resentment and manipulations. We can love our moms and respect them, but it's not always healthy to keep pursuing the relationship with them if all we end up with is a bruised heart.

PTA Moms- I'm trying really hard to live up to my own promise that I won't tear another woman down, because we all struggle with something as women. But. SOME of the PTA moms at Chickenhead's school are some of the most petty, vindictive, manipulative bunch of vipers I've ever encountered. There are two or three that I would absolutely do anything for at the drop of a hat, the rest of them need to get over themselves.

TV Moms- Kate Gosselin and Michelle Duggar- I seriously don't know how these women do it. There's a lot of snark potential right here with these two, but I won't go there today. Any woman that has that many kids (and a possibly cheating husband, I'm looking at you, Jon) deserves a pat on the back for not running off screaming into the woods.

Mom Friends- All of my gal-pals are moms, and you know what? They are awesome at it! We all fret and worry about our kids, but we are all very supportive of each other as well. I can go to any of my friends and get advice from them and a shoulder to cry on if I need it. Moms make the best friends ever!

So this Sunday, call your mom, and wish her well. Even if she isn't your best friend, without her, where would you be? Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day!