Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'Specially For Lurker-Girl

New photos up on D-Listed!!

As a side note- This weekend I was being particularly lazy at one point and was watching a movie on Lifetime called 'Speak', starring Kristen Stewart. Who is telling this poor child that she is an actress? All. Of. Her. Lines. Are. Spoken. Without. Emotion. Is she medicated? Is she in a walking coma or something? Anyway, Robert here is pretty, so I'll just try not to think about her!


Lurker Girl said...

OOOOO Lurker LIKES!!! Thanks Kelley.

And yes, I too ignore everything about Ms. Stewart. Every bit of her acting is the same--blink a lot and stutter...UGH!

Why does SHE get to kiss all over my man? Oh wait, maybe because she is actually not old enough to be his mother and I am...hahaha!

scubalaura said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a serious D-Listed addiction!!

Kelley said...

You know you're addicted when you start using D-Listed phrases in regular conversation!