Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where Did That Week Go?!

I really can't tell you where this past week has gone. I sort of feel like I've been walking around in a fog. Nothing much has gone on this week, it's been pretty non-eventful.

Chickenhead was sick yesterday, and had to stay home from school. He's had a persistent cough, a sore throat, and yesterday a mild fever. I maintained my cool, but the first thought that ran briefly through my head was 'swine fever'. Chickenhead was really mad about staying home, because Friday was the class picnic and I had made two pans of rice crispy treats for the Husband to take up. 'Great', said Chickenhead, 'I dragged in all those bags from the store for nothing!' Gee thanks, Boo! It was sweet Thursday night when we were leaving the grocery store. The Husband told me, 'Chickenhead thinks that we should go to Mr. Goodcents'. At first I said no, we could eat at home, but Chickenhead piped up with, 'you deserve a break, Mom!' Well, the boy did have a point, and so while he and I grabbed sandwiches at Mr. Goodcents, the Husband grabbed some teriakyi from a Hawaiian type place around the corner.

Chickenhead had told me earlier this week that one of his classmates at school was, in his words, 'hacking all over the place'. After I called in his absence, I called the school nurse back to see if strep was going around at the school. I wanted to be prepared for whatever may be coming down the pike. No strep, she said, but there was a girl in Chickenhead's class that had a viral infection. Yep, the hacker. Chickenhead is hacking as I type this, lying in my bed, watching something on the Disney Channel. The fever is gone, though, so he should be able to go back to school on Monday and finish up his last full week of third grade.

My mom finally gave up driving. Last Saturday my uncle came and got her car, and he is going to sell it. I know that it's bothering her a great deal that she can no longer drive, but it's at a point where it's not safe for her or anyone else on the road. Early in the day last Saturday, she left to go run a few errands. She ended up being gone for four hours, and came home exhausted and shaky. I asked her where she went. She went first to the Kinko's by our old place in Mission, then down to Rosedale BBQ, and on the way back home, to the grocery store. As hard as it is for her to walk, I can't imagine how long it took her in the store. The husband and I will do her shopping for her now, or take her if she wants to go.

I had a perfect Mother's Day on Sunday. I got an iPod charging dock, which I love. It was a peaceful, quiet day, and I got to be lazy, one of the things I love most. The rest of the week was the usual work, home, work, home, rinse, repeat. I think I'm suck in a rut! I need a new wardrobe, at the very least, a new hairdo. I need to mix it up a little!

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