Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 Things

OK, I'm feeling lazy this morning. I fell asleep to the soothing sounds of a thunderstorm and torrential rains, only to be woken up about 3:30 by the power transformer for our neighborhoo blowing. I called and reported the outage, and finally dragged myself out of bed around 5:30 to get ready for work. You want a challenge, try putting on liquid eyeliner by candle light, while holding a small flashlight pointed towards the mirror. Somehow, my make-up actually looks better today than most days, so I may just get ready in the dark from now on. Of course,the lights came back on about 10 minutes before I had to leave. Figures.

Anyway, back to being lazy. Carol posted this on her blog the other day and I'm stealing it! So without further ado, here are my 8 things-

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Chickenhead's birthday party
2. My momma getting her leg brace off
3. Swimming this weekend
4. Making chocolate-peanut butter pie for Father's Day
5. Scrapping!
6. Clearing out part of the Manhole to turn in to my craft area
7. Getting out the sewing machine and working on some projects
8. Spending lazy Sundays on the sofa

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Got a latte at Scooter's
2. Cursed the rain
3. Cursed my hair
4. Bought Father's Day cards
5. Ate leftovers for dinner
6. Oooh'd and aahh'd over Chickenhead's clean bedroom
7. Washed sheets and towels
8. Talked with my momma about a power of attorney

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Get my hair done
2. Get a pedi
3. Win the lottery
4. Find someone to do all the yard work so we don't have to
5. Protect Chickenhead from all the evil morons of the world
6. Be fitter, healthier
7. Live closer to my friends, but we're all over the place!
8. Skydive

8 Shows I Watch:
2. Rescue Me
3. Real Time With Bill Maher
4. The Golden Girls
5. Almost any VH-1 'reality' show
6. Grey's
7. My Name is Earl (was Earl, now that it's been cancelled)
8. CNN

8 favorite fruits:
1. Raspberries
2. Bananas
3. Pineapple
4. Strawberries
5. Grapes
6. Oranges
7. Peaches
8. Apples

8 places I’d like to travel:
1. Chicago
2. Savannah
3. Seattle
4. NYC
5. Amsterdam
6. India
7. Ireland
8. Italy

8 places I’ve lived:
1. Kansas
2. Arizona
3. Kansas
4. Missouri
5.-8. Kansas


cozzie laura said...

um, you forgot Cozumel in places I'd like to visit...

I don't know if I could do the fruit thing, 8 different kinds, phew!

Kelley said...

Dang, I did forget Cozumel! I don't scuba or snorkle, I could just lie by the pool, right?

cozzie laura said...

and cabana boys to bring fruity tropical libation!

Jen said...

Earl was canceled? Damn, I loved that show. Lottery and a pedi are at the top of my list.