Monday, June 8, 2009

The Grocery Store- One Of Dante's Rings of Hell?

Am I the only one who absolutely despises going to the grocery store? I would rather clean 10 toilets, tackle Chickenhead's bedroom AND mow the entire yard with a manual push mower than go to the store.

I can't pin down one exact reason I dread the trip to the store so much. It must be a combination of several factors. Let's examine the ones that bother me the most, shall we?

1. I make a list, and I stick to it, but nobody wants what's on it. I try to buy everything I need to make meals that I know Chickenhead and the Husband and my momma will like, but trying to please all of them is darn near impossible. My momma likes very heavy, starchy foods, with lots of gravy and salt and potatoes. Why yes, she does have health issues, why do you ask? All this nonsense brings me to:

2. We are in a food rut, and can't get out. I never wanted to be in that 'if it's Tuesday, it's spaghetti night' place, but we're there. And I've learned that it's because I'm just too danged busy to throw down a new-fangled meal every night. So we have the staples in the dinner arsenal- chicken breasts, spaghetti, roast, enchiladas or tacos, did I say chicken, and fish sticks. But, let's confuse the whole mess even more.

3. During the summer, I hate to cook. I am seriously considering telling everyone that dinner during the summer months will be sandwiches, salads, a bowl of cereal or anything else that requires minimum preparation from yours truly.

4. I'm in a home with picky eaters. Chickenhead has three vegetables he will eat: carrots, green beans and broccoli with cheese sauce. But we have to be wary of the cheese sauce as he's lactose intolerant. The husband has some sort of aversion to mushrooms, celery, anything creamy (potato salad, for example)and chicken legs. My momma doesn't like to eat anything 'weird' like shrimp, crab, and most ethnic foods. I'm dying to make Chicken Tikka Masala with basmati rice, but I think I would be the only person who would eat it.

So, what do you do? Do you just suck it up and get in there and get it over with? Do you fix stuff and tell them to eat it or starve? How do you get your family to try new things? Should I just say 'screw it' and order a pizza from now on?


Lurker Girl said...

Oh darlin', the best thing I make is RESERVATIONS! I hate to cook, but I do find a sort of "zen" in the grocery store.

The possibilties are endless when you are in the store, but knowing that no one will eat it just pisses me off too.

I give up on all of it--what I make, you will eat or you can find something for yourself. Period.

cozzie laura said...

I almost refuse to cook inside during the hot summer months, so it all goes on the girll, and grill means husband, and NO pans to wash! yippie!

Lola said...

Thanks for stopping by and finding me at Gladys Tells All.

I'm weird, I actually like to grocery shop. But then...I don't get out much. Lol! I also love to cook. Since losing my job grocery shopping has become a kind of a game. How much can I save? And what dishes can I cook that resemble the stuff that we miss from restaurants. I think I fare pretty well. I'm fortunate though, my partner and my teenage son and daughter aren't picky eaters. Sometimes though, that can be a curse because of their champagne tastes. Teen- 'Mom shrimp is on sale, can we buy some'. Me - 'Sorry (wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth) it may be on sale, but it's not in the budget'.

With the nice weather I've got 'I don't wanna cook itis too'. But I'm fortunate because my teens want to learn how to cook, so several times a week I do get a break.