Thursday, June 11, 2009

Growing A Pair (yep, girls can do it, too!)

Over at Lola's Diner today, it's 'If I Could Blog Back Time' Thursday (thank you, Lola, I have to download some Cher when I get home!), and today's topic is 'The First Time You Stood Up For Yourself'.

I will readily admit that I probably don't stand up for myself as often as I should. I'm pretty much a live and let live kind of person, and if someone treats me like a doormat, I just cut them out of my life and limit contact with them. With some people though, it's not that easy.

Take my mother in law, for example. She can be a kind, generous and caring person. She can also be a shrewd, vindictive, manipulative trouble maker. Most drama that occurs in our family can be traced directly back to her. She is a classic 'one upper'; no matter what has happened to you, honey, it happened to her, and it was a thousand times more excruciating than what you could possibly imagine.

For the 14 years that the Husband and I have been married, I have tended to let whatever she prattles on about go in one ear and out the other. Until last fall, that is.

She and I, along with Chickenhead, were on our way to my nephew's birthday party. Somehow the topic of conversation got turned to politics. MIL took it upon herself to school me in how our country would surely be going to hell in a handbasket if we let a N* like Barack Obama in the White House, and the prophecy foretold in the Book of Revelations was about Barack Obama himself.

You can wear your tinfoil hat as tight as you want, but you don't EVER use racial slurs around my child, and you don't use the Bible to rationalize whatever nutbag theory you are subscribing to this week. I very calmly told her this, and that not only had I donated to Obama's campaign, but so had her darling son, the Husband. I told her that under no uncertain terms would she and I ever discuss religion or politics again, and that if she ever used a racial or ethnic slur around Chickenhead again, she wouldn't be seeing him. I then decided to just clear the air once and for all, and I informed her that I was extremely liberal in my political beliefs. I am pro-choice, pro-union, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-nationalized health care, and any other pro I could think of. That shut her down.

Since then, we get on just fine. She no longer pushes me to 'get Chickenhead to church so he can find Jesus', and she no longer spouts off her political views. Well, she did say the other night that she 'really wished Sarah Palin had been our V.P. She's so funny!' Yes, because being 'funny' is the main criteria for holding public office. I'll let her slide on that one, I think her meds were starting to kick in.


Auntie E said...

My Mom and Dad loved to talk politics. I always vote for the person not the party. When Mom passed away, dad started talking to me about it. He knew I was strongly leaning towards Obama, I tended not to talk the politics. He really respected my decisions,just wanted to "give me the Facts" as he put it. We get along just fine as long as I don't go down the politic path,lol.
My blog back time is up.

Lola said...

Excellent post! Thank you for participating.

I love the "You can wear your tinfoil hat as tight" line. Lol!

cozzie laura said...

tin foil hat!!!

The Queen of Winstead said...

I blogged about voting for the Anti-Christ, too. My mother is going to write that book.