Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Momma Drama- An Update

No, that's not my momma. The picture is purely for illustrative purposes.

It's been almost one week since my momma fell and broke her kneecap. She is starting to improve in the mobility department, but we still have a lot of work to do.

Yesterday, the Husband took her to see her primary doctor. I called the doctor's office ahead of time, and told them that she would be bringing in all of her medications. She's had a terrible time keeping track of which pill was for what, and if she can't remember what it's for, she doesn't take it.

Well I guess the good doctor read her the riot act(but in a nice way, the Husband said)about her medication. He told her that he wants her to take the pills he prescribes because he wants her to get better. My Momma has a few things to say on the subject of medications. Here are some of her observations:

"Just because a doctor gives you a pill, doesn't mean it's OK to just take it!"

"Who ever heard of a vitamin you take once a week? How in the hell will that help?" (she has a vitamin D deficiency, and the dr gave her a heavy dosage that requires you to take one pill a week for 4 weeks. She's taken one, then forgot about them)

"I don't see why I have to take so many pills. Who takes all these pills?" (You do if you wanna live, sister.)

Isn't she a hoot?

On the positive side, her blood sugar was down a bit, which is great. Now that she's not driving she's not heading to McDonald's for a large chocolate shake every other day, maybe we can get her blood pressure down, too.

There are still other things we need to work on. Her memory is getting worse. She had herself worked in to a frenzy when I got home from work tonight over her checkbook. Momma will call the automated account info line up to five times per day to check on her balance. And if she's having a bad day, she can't do the math, so if the checkbook doesn't match what the info line says, she's in a tizzy. I'll sit down with it tomorrow and look it over for her.

My mother in law is staying with us through Friday. Normally, this would be the part where I decide to stay on the bus at night instead of getting off at my stop and coming home. But, it will be good for Momma to have someone here during the day to help her out. The Husband and Chickenhead have been great, but they can't do it all. She gets upset because Chickenhead can't cook for her. He's eight, the most he can do is microwave a hot dog for 45 seconds.

The visiting nurses are coming tomorrow, too. They'll help her to wash her hair, shower, all that good stuff. I'm trying to get Momma to realize that her attitude plays an important part in her recovery. If she doesn't try to stay positive, she'll be fighting this forever.

OK, everyone go hug your mommas or say a prayer for her!

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Lola said...

Sometimes I think with older people, the talk about medications is for attention.