Saturday, June 20, 2009


I totally missed it!! "Blind Date" was my 200th Post! Yay me!! I should see if I can find something at Cake Wrecks to celebrate.

How about this one? Just imagine that the cake says 'Kelley' and not Phillip-

*photo courtesy of CakeWrecks

I had planned on doing a contest of some sort to celebrate 200 posts of the scary inner-workings of my mind, but it's been a little more chaotic around the Casa than usual. Once things die down or I get that 72-hour evaluation, I'll do something contest wise here. I can tell you that the contest prize will be a handmade bag and some handmade cards to go in it. Dream big, I say!

OK, better get. I've got laundry going, a house to clean and got to head off to the store soon!


Lola said...


Oh come on now, don't go all 5150 on us. Lol! Why not do something for 300? That way there's no pressure now and you can plan ahead for it.

Gladys said...

Congratulations! I don't know how many post I have posted. Hum now I have to go look.

Oh and I hope you got Momma straightened out.

Kelley said...

We're gonna shoot for post #250 on the contest thing-a-ma-bob. Or maybe I'll just be a ninja and surprise everyone with it!

Lola said...

Please stop by my blog, you've been tagged!

Lurker Girl said...

Congrats on #200!! I had to go and look and it appears that I totally missed my #100! I suck, oh well.