Saturday, June 6, 2009

Put On Your Big Girl Pants And Deal With It

This has been my mantra today. Deal with it. Be a big girl and deal. And it's been helpful. Yes, there are moments when I feel like I'm stuck on the ceiling, but they've been a bit fewer today.

I wasn't prepared for how much extra work it would actually be to help my mom with even a few things. But she needed help with so much. And while I still had the occasional urge to run in to the bathroom, lock the door and scream, I didn't do it. I took a deep breath, counted to ten in my head, and got done with whatever needed to be done. I helped my momma get to the bathroom when she needed it, made sure she had something to eat and a nice cold glass of water when she asked for it.

Tomorrow I'll sit down with her and make up a grocery list, and help her sort out her medicines. We had a long talk about her medications, and how she can no longer pick and choose what she feels like taking each day. The other day her doctor told me that her potassium was dangerously low. Guess what? She's got a potassium pill, but she doesn't like to take it because it's so big (they are horse pills, that's for sure). So I cut them in half for her, and now she can take half in the morning, half at night. I'm also trying to talk her in to taking the anti-depressant the doctor prescribed for her. I think it would help a lot with her stress level, and it could help towards lowering her blood pressure.

Everything else around the Casa is moving along, as life usually does. A bit of great news- we sold the monstrous aquarium the Husband had down in the manhole. Yes, someone else in this world actually had use for a 250-gallon aquarium and enough rock and sand to cover the great barrier reef. It was kind of interesting to see three burly guys heave that thing up the stairs. I kind of wanted a beer just watching them! But it's gone now, and so we now have more space in the manhole, and a bit of money in the bank.

Tomorrow we're headed back to the pool at Pa-pa's house for a swim. My momma assures me that she'll be fine for a while on her own, as she plans on sleeping in the afternoon. I am looking so forward to getting in that pool! I need to just float and zone out for a while.

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Carol said...

Sending happy mojo your and always. Be sure to take care of yourself too!