Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tag! I'm It!

Ok, Lola over at Lola's Diner tagged me in this photo game. Here's how it works. Go to your first photo file and post the 10th photo in that file.

This is actually kind of scary, because I have NO idea what's going to come up here! Let's see...

Snerk! This is Olivia, star of children's books. She's quite the bossy little diva, and I can occasionally be found at Barnes & Noble over in the children's section laughing at her and some of the other characters Chickenhead has outgrown.

I think I was going to use this photo to make some joke during the election about the whole Sarah Palin/lipstick on a pig thing, but I didn't want to insult Olivia that way.

I need to tag 5 more people, so here we go!

Carol at Around Our House
Amy at Lurking in La Vida Loca
Gladys at Gladys Tells All

And I can't think of the other two right now, so I will come back and edit when my brain is more awake!!

1 comment:

Gladys said...

Ok I'm off to search out my photo. But I hold you responsible if it's well...obscene. ;)